Naturally our skincare products change from season to season as our skin reacts differently depending on the climate. During the warmer summer months a light moisturiser is perfect to hydrate the skin, whereas the same moisturiser in winter can show dry and flaky skin. Our skin requires more hydration during the cold months, with a desire for hand cream, lip treatments and emollients.

We have chosen our top 5 skincare essentials to ensure your skin is hydrated, glowing and radiant through the cold and windy winter months...

Glo Minerals Mint Balm
We all hate chapped lips that can be especially present throughout the winter, which is why the Glo Minerals Mint Balm is truly magic to lips during the colder months! The Glo Minerals Mint Balm features SPF 15 to protect the lips no matter what time of year it is. This lip-caring formula combines a botanical selection of hemp seed oil, mango seed butter, meadowfoam with cooling essential oils such as mint as rosemary to nourish and soothe the lips. This mint scented lip balm helps to heal and protect lips keeping them soft and smooth all day every day!
SkinCeuticals Face Balm
Winter time calls for intense hydration and moisture and SkinCeuticals Face Balm provides just that... and more! This face balm is a rich moisturiser that thoroughly hydrates the skin, as well as reverse the visible signs of ageing. This emollient works as an antioxidant to protect the skin against free radical damage, at the same time as hydrating and stimulating collagen for a plump, soft and lifted complexion. Your winter moisturiser can do more than just hydrate!
Glo Minerals Eye Revitalise
Quick and easy trick for brighter eyes! The Glo Eye Revitalise is a conditioning formula, designed to lift and hydrate the delicate skin around the eyes. This antioxidant eye treatment protects the eyes whilst reducing lines and wrinkles, using advanced light-reflecting minerals - the staple eye product to enhance and rejuvenate the eye area. Keep this eye treatment close to hand to ensure your eyes are always nourished throughout the colder season!
Neostrata Problem Dry Skin Cream
Also known as 'The Pedicure in a Pot' this cream can be used to moisturise feet, knees, elbows and other dry skin areas over the body. This is an intensive treatment with great benefits such as reducing flakiness and scaling of skin. 
We finish our top 5 picks with a complete body moisturiser, as we have to remember that more than just our face is affected by the cold climate! The Medik8 Hydr8 Body relieves dry, chapped and tired skin using “Moisture Magnet” technology for long-lasting moisture. This cream transforms skin to feel silky soft and is suitable for use on all skin types so your skin never needs to feel dry and uncomfortable again! 

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