Cleansing your skin last thing at night is as important as cleansing first thing in the morning, in fact it is probably significantly more imperative! The reason being, like brushing your teeth, you need to clean away all the impurities that accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Not cleansing your skin before you go to bed can lead to various skin concerns such as breakouts, larger pores, loss of hydration and skin dullness which all contribute to the visual signs premature ageing. So avoid all of these concerns by simply cleansing your face before you get under the duvet and get your Zzzzzs! 

Remove Your Makeup

It goes without saying that leaving makeup on overnight is no good for the skin. One of the many problems of sleeping in your makeup is the physical smudging of makeup against your sheets and pillows. Not only will makeup be visible on your bedding, the makeup will be dirty and unsanitary, especially if those sheets are then slept in again. Each time your skin then comes into contact with makeup that has been left in your sheets, whether your skin is clean or dirty, bacteria will come into contact with the skin which can result in blemishes and irritation.

Protect Your Eyes

Leaving mascara on overnight can be tempting, but over time this may damage your lashes making them brittle, weak and they will shed more easily meaning they become sparse and less full looking. Aside from these visible effects on the eyelashes themselves, leaving mascara, or any eye makeup, on overnight for that matter can lead to more serious ocular problems like eye infections, such as watery eyes and even conjunctivitis! 

Care For Your Lips

As for sleeping in lipstick, this is a huge no no!  As we get older, our lips naturally lose their rosy colour and become dull, so it is tempting to leave on a swipe of your favourite lippy after hours, however this will only accelerate the ageing transformation of your lips. The chemicals and pigments in the lip colour may chap and dry out your delicate oral skin and contribute to them looking less rosy and plump.

Help Your Natural Beauty Shine Through

Ever notice how much better you look after a good nights sleep? That is because our skin naturally regenerates collagen and repairs itself at night. Sleeping with your makeup on prevents your skin from getting the oxygen it needs to regenerate, as well as this, it really dehydrates your skin which is one of the major concerns of premature skin ageing.

Help Other Skincare Products Work Their Magic

Applying skincare products before bed maximises the benefits for your skin as the products will be working in conjunction with your natural skin regeneration cycle at its most optimal time. If you do not cleanse before bed you are missing out on this opportunity, and the dirt ends up disrupting the natural repair processes, causing clogged pores and a dull complexion.

Remove the Day

Every day our skin is attacked by harmful oxidants called free radicals which occur in smoke, pollution and harmful UV rays. These environmental pollutants stick to makeup and the skin to decrease collagen and elasticity, which eventually results in an increase in lines and wrinkles. When the skin is not cleansed these free radicals remain on the skin for longer periods of time meaning that the effects and damage will be greater. It is especially important to consider the delicate skin around the eye area, as this skin is already very thin.

Just Do It

Don’t think about it just do it! No matter how tired you are at night always try to cleanse your face to allow it to repair and regenerate fresh for a new day. To find your perfect cleanser read the article: How to choose the best cleanser for your skintype

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