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SkinCeuticals is an advanced skincare range backed by science. SkinCeuticals aim to educate customers on their skin types to be able to recommend products as a part of a daily skincare regimen, to protect skin and correct ageing. The products are specifically formulated to strengthen the skin’s natural protection to protect from free radical damage. Some examples of environmental damage is Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, hot and cold conditions and pollution. Protecting your skin against free radicals is important to prevent ageing and to maintain youthful skin for longer. The SkinCeuticals philosophy is based on three important principles - Prevent, Protect, Correct.

The Prevent range from SkinCeuticals offers a highly comprehensive system based on decades of research that ageing is caused by more than just age, but environmental damage, such as pollution, the sun and smoke. The SkinCeutical Prevent products contain Vitamin C as a key ingredient, as it is a powerful component that enhances the skin’s natural protection. The products in this range have been crafted to suit all skin types. Using advanced skincare products dedicated to preventing the skin from environmental damage is important to reduce wrinkles, lines and discoloration of the skin.  

The SkinCeuticals Protect category provides high protective sunscreens for use all year long. It is most common to think that a sunscreen only applies when skin is exposed directly to the sun during summertime, however this is wrong. A sunscreen should be used all year round as the skin is constantly exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays, which is why Skinceuticals have made this a focus in its philosophy. The Protect range is encouraged to be used within a daily skincare regimen, meaning that skin is always protected. SkinCeuticals selection of cosmetic sunscreens is advised for use by all skin types and lifestyles.

Regardless of attempting to prevent environmental damage, over time skin will change and lose elasticity making wrinkles and discoloration of the skin more noticeable. Based on this fact, SkinCeuticals have developed potent Correct formulas to restore collagen and prevent increasing damage caused by the sun and other harmful free radicals. The Correct range improves the skin’s appearance to look healthier and younger, whilst ensuring that the products are suitable for use around sensitive areas such as the eyes, as these are usually the most problematic area where collagen has been lost first due to the skin around the eyes being so thin.
Regardless of skin type or skin concern, SkinCeuticals have developed highly advanced skincare products to be used within a daily skincare regimen to tackle ageing and maintain healthy and youthful skin. The SkinCeutical range is used by physicians and skincare professionals all around the world.